Gravatar-LovinaOkay, I’m disillusioned.  I have watched the Brethren excommunicate Mormon feminists in two generations.  But I am Mormon through and through.  The name of my blog is personal.  Hyrum Smith took a bullet to the head in defense of his brother Joseph.  I write here ready to take virtual bullets defending my beliefs.

Joseph believed in revelation.  If he were here today he would embrace and glory in the change we so much need, the change the Brethren so much dread.  I believe he would reveal God’s will concerning women and authority.  The current general authorities don’t believe God talks to them.  Think I’m wrong?  Ask them.  They are not prophets, seers, and revelators like Joseph.  It’s time for them to move over if they won’t move ahead.  Let a Mormon woman clothed in the robes of the priesthood walk into the Holy of Holies and ask.

I believe the Godhead includes a woman.  I believe we need further light and knowledge concerning women’s place in God’s kingdom.  We need it now.  Time to ask.  Time for women to stop getting their answers from men.  Time for women to use their faith without male intercession.  There is no one standing between us and God.

But, do I believe in Mormon women?  Do we have enough faith, the kind of faith Hyrum had?  Enough faith in revelation to take a bullet to the head?  Are Mormon women ready to move on to the Waters of Mormon, or will they hang back with King Noah and his priests?  Will Mormon women continue sustaining the Brethren even as they offer up our daughters as bait?  I believe Mormon women are ready to claim equality in the face of raising disenfranchised daughters.

I am Hyrum’s daughter.  This is my blog



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