Mormon Feminism on Hold

Women's March on Washington (32593123745).jpg
By Mobilus In MobiliWomen’s March on Washington, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Mormon feminism has taken a back seat to the International Women’s Movement. Thanks to the Russian meddling in our election and many women who vote against their own self interest, we have a revolt on our hands. Political activism on many fronts has taken priority. Mormon feminism will benefit from these many women’s groups preparing women to fight for rights from representation in government to outing sexual predators.  Time’s up for men in powerful positions.  Time to put women in leadership positions everywhere.


Time to vote for your best interest, women. Vote for women. Be the woman you want to vote for. Run for local office. Learn how to lead. Help other women run and win. Support women, all women, women of color, women of other faiths, women who are refugees, women who have good ideas, women who are educated, women who are good at fund raising, women who care. Vote for the environment. Vote for citizen initiatives, for better practices in government. Vote for initiatives that lift and provide services for the poor and oppressed. This is what we do.

Stop Sustaining Men

As for Mormon women, stop voting yes. Stop voting yes to every male in a position of power. Stop voting yes to men. Vote as a block. Vote no. No more yes votes until there are equal numbers of woman in positions of power. Women are a majority in the church. We should be in a majority of the governing positions. Why not?

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