Girls’ Turn

hillary_clintonBoys 44 – Girls 0

After 44 male presidents of the United States, is it not obvious that we need a female president? When my 5 year old grandson said, “I’m not sure who I’m for, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump,” I answered him by framing it this way. “Boys have had 44 turns at being president, and girls have had none.” As I began expanding on that idea, he stopped me, saying, “I get it. Girls’ turn. That’s fair. Hillary Clinton should be president.”

But if you’re not as willing to concede as readily as that, or think that Hillary Clinton is still not the obvious choice, then you should pick the most qualified candidate.

Hillary Clinton is arguably the the most qualified candidate ever to run if you don’t include Presidents running for second terms. Hillary Clinton has most certainly been in more situation room conferences, and conferred with more world leaders, and had more meals in the White House than any of the other candidates. She is the most experienced and most proven of all your options. Better pick her.  Girls’ turn.


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